7 Simple Ideas to Keep Warm and Save Energy

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This blog contains 7 simple ideas you can use to help you to take a holistic approach to conserving energy in your home. 

As temperatures drop and the weather starts to get chilly, combined with lots of discussion about energy conservation, you are probably considering what you can do to save energy in your home. 

Each of these simple steps will help you to become a little greener, sustainable and be more energy efficient in your home this winter.

  1. Layer up

What nicer way to get comfy than to layer up. Rather than wearing a single jumper, put on several thermal layers. 

Pull on your wool socks, wrap up in your favourite blanket or throw, cosy up on the sofa and enjoy your favourite movie.  Ensuring your core body and feet are protected from the cold will help to keep you warm.   For more ideas see SEAI 'Keeping Well and Warm'

 2. Remain Active

All forms of exercise help to boost your circulation and to stay warm and healthy.  So try to schedule exercise and stay as active as possible. 

Two retired people wrapped up out walking in autumn

A great excuse to wrap up warm on those dry winter days and explore the outdoors.  If you’re working from home, try to avoid sitting for long periods and move around at least once an hour.  For more tips available at Health Eating and Active Living.

     3. Embrace Nature Indoors

Indoor gardening can help to relieve stress, boost creativity, productivity, focus and positively influence the air quality in your home.  

Fern house plant for indoors


Indoor plants can provide a source of relaxation and create a homely and inviting environment.  In turn, this can have a positive impact on you by improving your mood, energy and mental focus. Read:  Beginners Guide to House Plants.

    4. Avoid Food Waste

All the steps involved in growing, processing and transporting food require resources such as land, water, energy and fertiliser.  When you reduce your food waste you help to avoid waste of these valuable resources and you help to support sustainability.

Food waste generated and reused

Plan your food shopping in advance and consider cooking your meals in bulk.  Any steps you can take to avoid unnecessary food and energy waste.  For more tips and ideas to minimisue your food waste visit Stop Food Waste.

    6. Lighting

Reduce your dependency on artificial lighting by using dimmer switches or candles.  This will reduce your energy consumption and increase the life of your light bulbs and help make your home feel cosier. 

To enhance lighting and atmosphere you can also add some scented candles.  The warm glow will instantly make your home feel relaxing.  A great opportunity to take time to get lost in your favourite book or game of chess.

 6. Winter Sunshine

Daytime heat and light are a valuable source of warmth to enhance energy efficiency in your home this winter. 

woman opening curtains and allowing sunshine into house for energy and warmth

Maximising your home exposure to winter sunshine is helpful to home energy saving during cooler months.  Ensure your home captures the Irish winter sunshine, by allowing the natural light to make its way into your home.  

      7. Disconnect from Technology

Enjoying a healthy relationship with technology is important to save energy.  After your day consider turning off your phone and enjoy some uninterrupted time with those close to you.

On off power button to save energy and become more efficient

You could consider unplugging unused appliances and devices, such as your coffee maker or phone charger, so both you and your home can power down and save energy.  For more details check 'Power Off and Save'

Remember small acts can make a big difference.  All energy efficiency steps, that you take, will have a positive impact in your home, our natural environment and sustainability. Together we can all make small changes that are kinder to the planet.

For more tips and ideas to help you be more energy efficient and comfortable this winter visit SEAI website.

Written by Foxy and Green Gifts.  Links to third party information included within blog




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