Foxy and Green Gifts was established by Mairead in 2019.  The idea grew out of her passion for discovering sustainable crafts by local artisans. Originally from Kilkenny, the home of art and design, Mairéad is currently based in the cultural city of Galway.

A craft market enthusiast, Foxy and Green Gifts was born when Mairead found that many of the handcrafted products she discovered on her market circuit were difficult to source.  Foxy and Green handpicks a selection of crafts from eco-conscious crafters from around Ireland and makes them accessible online.

Sustainability is especially important to Foxy and Green. Our ethos is all about simplicity and intention to maintaining the well-being of the natural environment. The crafts we offer are sustainable and stylish with practical functionality fit for everyday use.

Foxy and Green works with crafters and artists whose passion is inspired by an appreciation of nature and the natural environment. It is a privilege to meet, work with and get to know the personalities behind the craft and their unique creations.

Taking our inspiration from the beauty of the Irish countryside, we have adopted the symbol of the leaf from the oak tree. Steeped in history, the oak tree holds a central place in Irish mythology, symbolizing strength, energy, courage and wisdom. 

When you make a purchase from Foxy and Green, you are supporting sustainability, the natural environment and our small, independent crafters. Why not showcase a little bit of Irish craft excellence to your friends and loved ones.

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