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Sustainability and community are at the heart of Foxy and Green Gifts.  We showcase unique Irish creations from small crafters.  

Our ethos is founded on promoting sustainable crafts and designs which are timeless heirlooms.  The crafters we work with are community based talented crafters committed to crafting their pieces using eco-friendly processes. 

As you browse our gifts you will notice the time and consideration that have gone into each creation.  Each item has been selected with care to ensure that you and your loved ones, receive authentic Irish gifts which have been sustainably crafted.

Our Packaging

At foxy and green gifts, every gift we pack we consider your product and the environment to minimise packaging waste and ensure your order is delivered safely to you.

We have a minimal approach to our packaging and believe less is more.  We aspire, where possible, to use sustainable packaging options.

The packaging we do use is both sturdy and lightweight while being recyclable and biodegradable.  This minimises waste and ensures your order is delivered to you damage-free.


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