The Art of Handmade Soap: Benefits of Using Handcrafted Soap

The Art of Handmade Soap: Benefits of Using Handcrafted Soap

This summer, at the Claregalway Garden Show, I discovered Soap Naturally and Kasha's handmade soaps. I discovered the heart of handmade soap-making is the cold-process method, a traditional technique used for centuries.  Impressed by their texture and delightful scents, I became a devoted user of handmade soaps.


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It involves mixing lye with oils and butters to create soap without external heat sources. Instead, it relies on a natural chemical reaction between lye and oils, gradually transforming them into soap through a slow curing process of about 4-6 weeks.  I'm thrilled to introduce them to Foxy and Green Gifts, as handmade cold-pressed soap offers numerous benefits:

 Making handmade soap

1. Gentle on the Skin: Handmade cold-pressed soap is formulated using natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and do not contain harsh chemicals or synthetic additives that can irritate or dry out the skin.

2. Palm Oil-Free Formulation: Handmade soaps are crafted with care and prioritise sustainability in their creation by using palm oil-free formulations. Supporting palm oil-free products promotes a greener world by helping to preserve the rainforests and its habitats.

3. Aromatherapy Benefits: Handmade cold-pressed soaps often incorporate essential oils with aromatherapeutic properties, providing relaxation, stress relief, or mood-enhancing benefits.  The lack of external heat in the production process ensures that the oils, used in the soap-making process, remain intact.



4.  Environmentally Friendly and Chemical-Free: Sustainable sourcing of ingredients, reduce the environmental impact of soap making. Handmade cold-pressed soap is usually free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors, making it a safer choice for those with sensitive skin.

5. Supporting Local Crafts: Buying handmade soap often supports small, local businesses and artisans.  Users appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making handmade soap.

6. Long-Lasting Soap: Each bar is unique, and the process often involves creativity and care. As a result cold-pressed soap bars tend to last longer than commercial soaps because they are denser and harder.



Choosing handmade soap, you're not just pampering your skin; you're also supporting sustainable practices and enjoying the benefits of nature's ingredients. Let the art of handmade soap elevate your self-care routine - you'll experience the full spectrum of their natural benefits.

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