5 Reasons to buy Eco-Friendly Irish Made Candles for Your Home

Honey pot and natural sustainable candle

What better way of creating instant atmosphere than with a scented candle? In autumn time, once the evenings close in, I almost always have a candle lighting.

There’s something so cosy about a candle lighting in the house. So many great choices which range from warm cinnamon, cotton fresh scents to floral that instantly create a cosy boost to your home. 

However, when you light a candle, they are giving off much more than just a cosy scent. We have put together factors you should consider when you are choosing candles, for your home.  Sustainable natural wax candles are rising in popularity due to the simple ingredients used which makes them eco-friendly. We have listed 5 reasons why it is better to buy sustainable candles for your home:

  1. Candles Burn for Longer

Natural wax candles are visually appealing when burning and usually burn for much longer than traditional wax candles. In fact, they may last as much as 50% longer than paraffin wax candle.  Soy wax is more sustainable, clean-burning, and offers a longer-lasting candle than other types of wax.


Soy candle beside flowers and honey pot


  1. Higher Scent throw from Natural Candle Wax

Most of us love candles because of the many beautiful scents available. Scent throw is one of the most important factors when selecting a candle.  If you've ever lit up a candle with a promising scent only to find it quickly loses its smell you know what it's like to be a victim of poor scent throw. Natural wax generally has an excellent scent throw. 

  1. Health Benefits from using Natural Candles

While candles are cosy and inviting, often candles release chemicals into the air in your home and eventually ends up in the air you breathe.  As natural wax does not release toxins it produces a significantly reduced amount of carbon, making it a better choice both for the environment and for your lungs.


Pink roses in a white vase beside a natural soy candle


  1. Environmentally friendly

Renewable waxes produce zero petrochemicals when burned, unlike fossil fuel-derived paraffin wax. Best to purchase candles made from renewable resources such as soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax and that use only 100% cotton and all-natural wood wicks.  For example, soy wax has grown in popularity and is sustainable as soy is a renewable resource. Soy wax is environmentally friendly as it is derived from soybeans, which can be replanted.


  1. Support local Independent Candle makers

Consumers are demanding more green and clean products and candles that are vegan, cruelty-free and derived from sustainable sources - local producers are meeting this demand.  Independent local businesses offer lots of non-toxic wax blends available which burn candles in an eco-friendly way. There’s something very comforting about lighting a scented candle, and it’s even better when you know its Irish made and you’re supporting an independent Irish business.


Flowers in a vase beside candle


I love burning candles changing scents in the different seasons and pairing them with the décor in my home, it is great fun.  Over the past couple of years, I have become more aware when buying candles and ensure they are sustainable.  I’m also enjoying the benefits of longer burn, higher scent throw and supporting local producers.  It’s also great to be comfortable that the candles I burn at home are not omitting toxic fumes into the atmosphere.  Ensure you check the ingredients before you buy your candles this winter and enjoy conscious, sustainable LIVING in your home!

At Foxy and Green we work with independent candle producers, Wool and Wax Candles based in Co. Wexford and Mist and Moss Candles based in Co. Down, both make beautifully scented eco-friendly candles.

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