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The Irish Harp is one of the most famously recognised symbols of Ireland. The Irish Harp is embedded in a Heart and makes the perfect Unique Irish Quality Gift
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The Irish Harp

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The Irish Harp is created by Adelle Hickey, established Irish Designer, and owner, of Hearts of Ireland, a small, Dublin-based, crafter.  Adelle uses practices that are founded directly in the hand-made and hand-crafted community and Irish craft industry. 

Hearts of Ireland set out to celebrate Irish culture through the use of Celtic symbols to create a visual expression to capture the unique essence of Irish history and culture. 

The Irish Harp is shaped by, incorporated into, emerge out of, or appear to be escaping the heart in its own unique way.

  • The Irish Harp, size: 27 x 29cm – printed on 300 gms Ivory card

As each design is individually printed to create a hand-printed product dispatch time for the handprints is between 5 to 7 days.

The Irish Harp, a national emblem of Ireland, is one of the most widely recognised Irish symbols, apart from the Shamrock. 

  • The Irish Harp is believed to be one of the oldest stringed musical instruments in the world.
  • Ireland is the only country in the world with a musical instrument as its national symbol.
  • The symbol widely used can be found on the Irish Presidential Seal, official documents, passports, and on Irish coins and prominent logo on state-supported organisations.