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The Irish Hare, often referred to as the wild March Hare, is painted using unique combination of bespoke colors
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The Irish Hare

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Catherine Costigan is a local artist based in the historical town of Cashel in Co. Tipperary.  Catherine draws her inspiration from the natural Irish wildlife in the local countryside surrounding Cashel.  Catherine has a unique eye for colors and combines her talent to create animals on canvas with a fantastic selection of vibrant colors. 

Catherine will provide you with a photo of the completed piece to ensure you are satisfied with the painting.  As each painting is bespoke has its own unique character and personality, this adds an extra special dimension to your piece. 

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • 44 x 44cm - €110

The average time from order to delivery is between 10 to 14 days.  Sizes may vary – you will be advised in advance of any variations.

All paintings are delivered framed.

Shipping included in price.  An Post Standard Post to the Republic of Ireland.  

Hare: (Giorria) The Irish hare is one of Ireland’s longest established indigenous species which was colonized in Ireland during the ice age.  Their fur is brown/ginger in the summer and changes to grey in winter.  Hares have an upright stance, often seen sitting a field on their hind legs. 

Irish hares can be found in coastal grasslands, marshes they have mostly located in lowland pastures where there is grass, herbs, and heather. The Irish Hare played a huge part in Irish mythology and for many years and was depicted on the old threepenny piece.