Hanlys and Sons Weavers

Hanlys story started 1893, when Denis Hanly and his son John set up a vertical woollen mill beside the Nenagh river, in a disused flour mill in North Tipperary. Local farmers sold their fleeces to the mill, where wool was spun and woven.  Today, Brian Hanly, the fourth generation of Hanlys, proudly hold the reins of the company.  The river still the water turbine from which generates the electricity, all their energy is from renewable sources.  Hanlys use all-natural fibers as raw materials and all are sourced from renowned suppliers who produce and source their wools and cashmere in a sustained and ethical manner.  Today, almost 130 year later, Hanlys unique weave and designs still hold their simple and timeless charm.


Galtee Honey Farm

Galtee Honey Farm, a family run business, established in 1970, is located in the picturesque Galtee Vee Valley in the Golden Vale, Co. Tipperary.  Their award winning honey is produced from the hives located in apiaries throughout the Galtee Valley, which includes three counties Tipperary, Limerick and Cork. Beekeeping at Galtee Honey Farm is a way of life which is driven by their passion to protect and nurture honey bees.  As one of the most unique beekeeping farms in Ireland Galtee Honey farm consists of 170 hives of the Native Irish Black Honey Bees.  They are committed to the conservation of the native Irish honeybee, the Black Bee, which is currently under thread due to crossing with imported honey bees.   On an annual basis Galtee Honey Farm provide the Native Irish Black queen bees to Irish beekeepers, to help ensure this important resource is shared.   Galtee Honey Farm bees have featured on TV programmes, to share their unique knowledge, including ‘Nationwide’, ‘Ear to the Ground’ and ‘Gliondar’ (RTE); ‘Garraí Glas’, ‘Bóithrín na Smaointe’ and ‘Bia Duachais’ (TG4) and Sky News.


Mud Ireland

Mud Ireland is a porcelain pottery creating handcrafted in Co. Armagh, Ireland, by talented potter Josh.  Josh has spent a number of years crafting his skills and knowledge of ceramics.   Mud Ireland are a small business with a passion for crafting and a deep love for the creation process.  All their porcelain pottery is 100% handcrafted in Ireland using natural materials, from local suppliers.  Each piece is unique due to this handcrafting process.   Mud Ireland unique signature design is created by the path of the maker’s hand.   All glazes are developed with a depth of color by Mud Ireland.  When the unique glazes are applied the finish on each piece as it pools as flows over and accentuates the throwing rings.  Mud’s creations are luxurious, well made and designed to stand up to everyday use.

A Piece of Ireland Galway

Susi Coveney, the owner of A Piece of Ireland, Galway is based in Moycullen Co. Galway in the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way.  Susi’s pottery is renowned for its natural color's and designs.  For 12 years Susi has been crafting her passion, working with clay, 3 years ago she started throwing stoneware mugs on the potter’s wheel.  Susi takes her inspiration from nature and local wildlife and countryside, in the woods of Moycullen.  Her mum Christine, a multidisciplinary artist, developed the natural variety of hand-painted designs seen on the mugs.  Handcrafted in small batches and glazed in soft shades each piece is crafted by hand using traditional methods.  Susi and Christine’s work can be used and treasured for years to come.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, based in the vibrant city of Galway, is our supplier of bespoke & specialty teas from around the world.   The Secret Garden is a family run business with a unique passion for tea source only the best quality organic teas.  With a selection of over 100 teas,  varieties of herbal tea include, fruity, green, oolong, white, yellow, black, Rooibos, Mate, Moroccan and blooming tea.  Herbal teas have been used, down through the centuries, as natural remedies for a variety of ailments and some herbal teas have health-promoting and soothing properties.

The Original Aran Company

The Original Aran Company established 35 years’ ago, pride themselves in maintaining the original Aran knitwear design.   A craft which has been passed on through the generations. Based in Donegal they produce high quality Aran knitwear with luxurious soft wool and wool blended with other natural fibers including cashmere.  Taking inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty of the rugged mountains and the Wild Atlantic the natural fibers and colors used in their knits is a reflect the wild and stunning countryside of Donegal.    

Catherine Costigan, Bespoke Artist

Catherine Costigan is based in the historical town of Cashel in Co. Tipperary.  Catherine draws her inspiration from the natural Irish wildlife in the local countryside surrounding Cashel.  Catherine has a unique eye for colors and combines her talent to create animals on canvas with fantastic selection of vibrant colors. To develop each piece Catherine uses a palette knife on the canvas using bold, expressive colors. 

Catherine’s preferred paints are mostly acrylics and she also use oils, watercolors, and pastels.  Each piece of work painted by Catherine is bespoke and each stage of the painting is done in collaboration with the buyer, from shape of the animal/bird to choose of colors.  Each painting is bespoke has its own unique character and personality, this adds an extra special dimension to your piece. 

Nest Box Ireland

Shane Pedlow, a TY student from Dublin, winner of 2019 Business Enterprise award-winning products.  Shane produces handmade nest boxes, perfect for wildlife and garden lovers. Constructed, by hand, from European sustainable plywood and treated with a water-based preservative, that are child/pet/wildlife friendly. Shane makes different styles of nest boxes, for robins, blue tits, swifts, sparrows, woodpeckers and even owls.

The Roots of The Owl Tree

The Owl Tree has a unique history which has its roots in The Dun Emer Guild who were at the forefront of the Celtic Revival of the early twentieth century.  The company was established in 1902 by Evelyn Gleeson, renowned botanist, and her sisters, Lily and Elizabeth Yeats – sisters to WB Yeats.  The company was name Dun Emer after Cúchulainn’s wife who was said to be a skilled needlewoman. Evelyn and her sisters’ mission were to provide training young local women in the necessary skills, to give work and prevent the unique skills dying out:

“Irish hands and Irish materials in the making of beautiful things”

The Dun Emer Guild was an arts and crafts co-operative, run by women, for women and employed only women. Mum of Grace, current owner of the Owl Tree, learned her craft, the delicate art of Celtic embroidery and the skills of colour shading with, her cousin, Evelyn Gleeson.  Today Grace and her daughter Emer very proudly carry on the unique and historic skills handed down from The Dun Emer Guild.  Grace relocated to Galway, located in the west of Ireland on the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Hanna’s Beeswax Wrap

Hanna’s Bees is a beekeeping business in Cork, Ireland, producing honey, beeswax candles, reusable beeswax food wraps (and vegan wraps with plant waxes), and beeswax leather and woodcare products.  Hanna’s Bee-Wraps are reusable food wraps made from cotton fabric, Beeswax from my own hives, Organic Jojoba oil and Pine resin. The Bee-wrap is used instead of single use plastic to keep food fresh. Fold the Bee-wrap around a fruit, vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, bowl or other food and gently heat with your hands to seal. You can also fold your Bee-wrap into pouches, cones, and boxes to store various foods.

Mist and Moss Candles

Mist and Moss Candles are unique in that each handmade candle tells a Fragrance Story inspired by the landscape of Ireland.  Each candle is hand poured in small batches with the purest of ingredients. Simply put, there is no paraffin, no parabens, no lead, no animal testing, no animal derivatives. Mist and Moss Candles are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Each Candle is presented in a beautiful Gift Box which tells the unique story of the fragrance.