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Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Irish Wooden Robin Nest Box

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The Robin (Spideog), one of Ireland's favorite birds, is easily identifiable by its striking redbreast.  A Robin nesting box in your garden can provide an essential nesting area and a place to raise young birds. 

Nest boxes provide safety and warmth in the wintertime as small birds like to huddle together when temperatures drop.  The perfect gift for those who love working in the garden and enjoying the presence of wildlife. 

  • Sustainable traditional Wooden Garden Bird Nesting Box
  • Suitable for Small Garden Birds
  • Stainless-steel screw for easy Cleaning
  • Can Be Mounted on Trees, walls, or posts

The award-winning Robin Nest Box, made by Shane from Nest Box Ireland, can be put out into the garden at any time of the year.  The Nest Boxes have been built to the approved design and finished with environmentally friendly paint as recommended by the RSPB.


  • Dimensions: 26cm high, 14cm wide and 15cm deep
  • Available in 2 Colours: Ivy and Slate



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