Sustainability at Foxy and Green Gifts

Sustainability at Foxy and Green Gifts

“the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.” Sir David Attenborough

The natural environment and the beauty of the Irish landscape and countryside has inspired generations of local craftspeople.  These hidden crafters have  inspired us, at Foxy & Green, to bring you, our customers, gifts which are sourced, produced and delivered to you in an eco-friendly manner.  

We aim to play our part in protecting the Irish countryside so that it  remains a source of inspiration to future generations of Irish Crafters.  We aim to deliver Irish Gifts which are kind to the environment, local economy and society. 

Our Ethos

We are committed to protection the natural environment.  To honor this commitment we have adopted a minimalist policy and to reduce our resources we use recyclable and biodegradable packaging.  Where possible, and accessible, we use sustainable eco-friendly processes and packaging.  Our gifts are packaged using shredded wood chips and recycled bubble wrap to ensure they arrive with you safely. 

Our Crafters

All of our crafty little finds, included in our gifts, are sourced from both small and medium Irish crafters who operate eco-conscious processes.  We are passionate about supporting these local crafters which also supports and promotes the local economy and society.

You Our Customers

We are also committed to helping our customers to make small changes that are kind to the natural environment. We ask our customers to assist us with our commitment to reduce waste.  We have one small request we ask that you please either reuse, recycle or upcycle your packaging. 

Together we can all help to reduce the use of chemicals and single use plastics and be kinder to our planet!

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