5 Tips to Consider when Shopping for Eco-Friendly Gifts this Christmas

5 Tips to Consider when Shopping for Eco-Friendly Gifts this Christmas
“No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced!”
 David Attenborough


Everyone loves and appreciates a thoughtful gift at Christmas, especially a gift that also helps you to make a positive difference to the planet.  When you are shopping for that special festive gift why not consider something extra special, that is good for the planet. 

There are so many choices out there it can be a challenge to figure out what gifts are truly eco-friendly.  We have compiled some of the keys points to help you to buy that eco-friendly purchase this Christmas!

Remember these tips and your gift will be loved forever!

1. What exactly does eco-friendly term mean?

First of all lets clear this one up! Eco-friendly literally means: a friend of the earth, in no way harmful to the environment. It refers to green living and practices that help to preserve our environment and resources such as water, land, air etc. 

Becoming more conscious of how you use your resources.  For example: Use recycled wrapping paper or ensure the paper you use can be recycled after use.

2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

According to CRNI 40%  of all greenhouse gas emissions are as a result of both the production and distribution of products! This percentage can be changed easily straight away, with a little effort and zero cost by reducing, reusing and recycle. 

The easiest way to reduce waste is to avoid creating it.  When you are buying that special gift, stop and think, give some consideration of how it will impact on the planet.  Ask yourself, what purpose does the gift serve can it be recycled or reused? Where and how was it produced and what materials were used? And finally, what need does it fulfil?

3. Message

When purchasing a gift you are also giving a message to that person.  The gifts we give to people in our lives show our love and appreciation and often say the words we don’t say.  Let your gift be that message of love and appreciation for the planet and inspire your recipients to embrace a climate-friendly lifestyle. 

4. Lifetime of the gift

Forbes magazine recently reported “value attributes” such as handcrafted and sustainably produced client gifts are the most long lasting, desirable and memorable gifts.  Consider the usefulness and lifetime of a gift when making your decision. How will your gift make life easier and more convenient. 

Although we love to receive flowers and chocolates and they make fantastic gifts they tend to be less special as they have a very short lifetime.  It is better to spend that little extra, to give that longer lasting gift which will not need to be replaced.  A timeless gift which is both practical and stylish can be used time and again, plus it ticks a lot of the eco-friendly boxes. 

Less stuff equals less waste and packaging.

See minimalism  living.

5. The Experience of the gift

The gift that keeps on giving! This point should not be underestimated when choosing that perfect gift. The experience of a great gift is long lasting one that appeals to the emotions and senses. 

Think about their experience of how the touch, feel and experience of holding and using the gift.  A gift that will last long into the future and bring back memories of your unique stories. 

Christmas shopping is fun, you have an opportunity to buy a great gift, that will be cherished, help make a lighter impact on the planet, and timeless.  Remember each time you buy something, you send a message for the kind of planet you want.  

If you follow these simple guidelines you won’t go wrong in finding that special gift that is environmentally friendly, and will put a smile on the face of that special person!

Enjoy your shopping and wrapping and most of all, gifting!

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